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Rabbi Shaya Katz

  IMG_0712 copyRabbi Shaya and Rikki Katz recently moved to Kansas City with their son, Dovi (2), and their daughter, Elka (1 month), from Riverdale, NY. Shaya was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and Rikki in Chicago, IL. Shaya went to Yeshiva University for his Ordination, where he also recently completed his degree in Social Work. Rikki, with her degree in biology from Yeshiva University, hopes to pursue a career in sonography. They both look forward to enriching Jewish life here as part of the Kansas City Community Kollel. They are excited to meet the wider Jewish community of Kansas City throughFullSizeRender (1) informal learning opportunities at an office or home, in a class setting, or even one-on-one. Please introduce yourself!  



Rabbi Ari Adler –

Rabbie Ari Adler

Rabbi Ari Adler and his wife Chavie Adler to the Kansas City Kollel and Jewish community. Rabbi Adler will also contribute to the learning experience at HBHA. After the holidays, Chavie will provide new women focused programming and education in addition to the learning and programming from Rabbi.

Before moving to Kansas and joining our Kollel, Rabbi Adler received his ordination from the “Kollel Rabbinical Seminary of America” in Queens New York, where he also taught and provided community programming. He taught at the local day school and led many havrutah.

Chavie Adler led women’s programming in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has also been a scholar in residence for the Jewish Community in San Francisco, California.


Rabbi Binyomin DavisRabbi Davis

Binyomin Davis grew up in Brighton, England and majored in Political Science at the University of Manchester. He then spent six years studying in Israel, at both the Shappells and Mir Yeshivas. Before departing Israel for Kansas City, Binyomin received his Rabbinic Ordination Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.

Binyomin is the moving force behind the Kollel’s popular “Shabbat Live!” program, which regularly hosts Shabbat dinner for over fifty of the community’s young professionals, one of Binyomin’s favorite groups. He loves organizing family events and intergenerational programming.

Binyomin’s wife Gevura loves volunteering for different community organizations, including the Kollel.  She enjoys speaking about and learning more about Judaism, while devoting most of her time and energy to raising their five young children.


Rabbi Elchanan SchulgasserRabbi Schulgasser

Elchanan Schulgasser grew up in Monsey, New York. He spent 10 years studying under Rabbi Yochanan Zweig at the Talmudic University of Florida, where he received his Rabbinic ordination. In Florida, he also completed an MBA with a Management concentration from Florida International University.

Elchanan loves learning and teaching. His wide-ranging interests and reading lead to eclectic and varied classes, such as Hot Topics: Contemporary Concerns through Classic Torah Sources, The Florence Melton Adult Education Dramas and Ethics Series, weekly Parsha classes, and classes for the gifted students of the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy.

Elchanan also serves the Kansas City community as a certified mohel (

Bracha Schulgasser, who holds a Masters degree in Social Work, teaches kindergarten class at the Hebrew Academy. Together, they are the devoted parents of five children.