“The Kansas City Kollel in just a few short years has become a household name and has integrated itself into many of Kansas City’s Jewish institutions.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for this engaging organization”

Joseph Loeffler (Young Professional Programming), Blue Star Benefits

“I tried for years to access to deeper Judaism but I never found a comfortable way to learn more about my religion until the Kollel.  I have been learning for two years with the Kollel Rabbis and my depth of knowledge has grown tremendously.  I have always felt welcome and at ease in this learning environment.  My love and understanding of Judaism just continues to grow.”

Amy Nemiccolo (mother of two), web developer for The Mutual Funds Store

“Simply put, without the Kollel my family would be tremendously impoverished in our learning, practice and our lives in general.  The doors of Torah learning are open to all, but it takes a guide to take those first steps through the threshold.  The Kollel rabbis have taken me from a passive participant in their classes to helping me explore my own path of Torah learning.  But what’s more, is that the Kollel rabbis and their families live torah passionately in our community and the lessons learned in their homes and at their shabbos tables go so far beyond what can be learned in any class or in any book.

Charlie Truitt, Senior Banking Consultant

“I love spending time with the Kollel families in their relaxed informal education settings.  They are excited to be Jewish and inspire those around them to learn more about our rich heritage.”

Stacey Aviva Solomon, Holistic Health Counselor

“The Kollel has been such a warm, inviting group as I have tried to learn more about the religion I never really felt I understood.  Thank you for inviting me into your homes to delve deeper into the Judaism I have fallen in love with!”

Olivia Etkind, KU Class of ’11

“The Kollel is an open and warm organization that strives to help all Jews love and live a Jewish life rich in meaning.”

Rabbi Leigh Ann Kopans

“The Kollel is a critical resource in our community.  Like so many Jewish communities our size, it is challenging to attract enough quality teachers to transmit the important messages of Torah and Jewish tradition.  The goal of Jewish education must be to transform our students into committed Jews.  Commitment is more than just attending a class or two. It means making Judaism a significant part of your life.  The Kollel offers formal and informal Jewish educational opportunities for individuals and institutions who seek to strengthen Jewish commitment.”

Alan Edelman, Associate Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City