The Kollel is about more than the education and the experiences. Implementing the lessons and ideas into real life can be complicated. Here’s a place to talk about life, to weave the education into experience and discuss how to navigate it properly.

12/14/2017- Channuka/Miketz: Positive Lights

12/7/2017- Vayeishev: Meaningful Memories

12/1/2017- Vayishlach: A Worthy Cause

11/17/2017- Toldot: A Table fit for a King

11/10/2017- Chayei Sarah: Holy Hiding

11/2/2017- Vayera: Hollow Hospitality

10/25/2017- Lech Lecha: Avraham, the Anti-GPS

10/19/2017- Noach: The False Nobility of Unity

10/4/2017- Sukkot: Honeymoon Huts

9/15/2017- Netzavim-Vayelech: The CBT Roller-Coaster of Rosh Hashana

9/8/2017- Ki Tavo: An Awe-Some Time

8/31/2017- The Give & Take of the High Holidays

8/25/2017- Spiritual Birthday Cards

8/18/2017- Not Seeing is Believing

8/11/2017- Barchot Bricks

8/4/2017- Va’eschanan: Parental Guidance

7/28/2017- Devarim: When the Power’s Gone

7/21/2017- Matos-Masei: Taking (Live)Stock

7/14/2017- Pinchas: Take A Seat!

7/7/2017- Balak: The Power of the Home

7/4/2017- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

6/8/2017- School’s Out!

5/26/2017- Big Little Mountain

5/11/2017- Emor: Helping Yourself

5/4/2017- Achrei-Koedoshim: The Lost Object of Rebuke

4/28/2017- Tazria-Metzorah: Know what you don’t know

4/21/2017- Shemini: The Listening Teacher

3/30/2017- Vayikra: With a Grain of Salt

3/24/2017- Vayakhel/Pekudei: A Hoarder’s Inspiration

2/24/2017- Mishpatim: Knowing there’s an Answer

2/17/2017- Yisro: The Hearing Test

2/10/2017- Tu BeShvat Prep: Lessons from the Seven Species

2/8/2017- Beshalach: A Hearty Appetite

2/3/2017- Bo: Silence is Golden (Retriever)

1/26/2017- Vaera: Forget the Frog(s)

1/19/2017- Shemos: Defined by the Present

1/12/2017- Vayechi: Alone, but not Lonely

1/6/2017- Three Steps Forward

12/29/2016- A Season of Gifts

12/22/2016- Dreaming Right

12/15/2016- The Humble Heroism of an unknown Woman

12/8/2016- The Power of Me

12/1/2016- How You Play the Hand

11/23/2016- Big Thanks in Little Packages

9/22/2016- More Than Fruit

9/15/2016- Carry on (with a) Wayward Son

8/19/2016- The Blessing of New Beginnings

8/26/2016- Divine Clickbait

8/31/2016- Remembering Gene Wilder: Learning from the Frisco Kid


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