Women’s Programming

The Kollel offers a wide range of classes and programs specifically geared toward women.  Programs include:

Rikki Katz’s class about Purim from the Hamantaschen Bake!:

Listen to Rikki Katz’s class about our matriarch Rachel!:

Join Kollel Women on Sunday, February 26 at 7:00 for a Hamantaschen bake at the Katz’s home. RSVP to RikkiSugar@Gmail.com or ShayaKatz@KCKollel.org to join us!

The Kollel Rabbis and their wives captivate women with their breadth of knowledge and unique wit and humor.  Each class is unique, fun, and inspiring. To learn more about our Women’s programs and classes please contact Mrs. Rikki (Sugarman) Katz.


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