Unlocking the Text (Archived)

6/15/2017- What about that “lecha”?

5/18/2017- The Connection of Shemittah and Mount Sinai

6/8/2017- What were they Complaining About?

5/25/2017- Mysterious Cover

5/11/2017- Giving to the Needy Mid-Holidays: Message & perspective

5/4/2017- Living By/With/Through Mitzvot

4/27/2017- How Tzara’as in an “Inheritance”

4/6/2017- 2 Themes in Ha Lachma Anya

 3/30/2017- Ma Nishtana and the Burning Bush


3/9/2017- Mishkan for us or for Hashem?

3/2/2017- Make a Mishkan… Again

2/23/2017- Respecting the Convert

2/16/2017- The “Flag” of the Jews

2/9/2017- The “Test” of the Manna

12/15/2016- Is Yaakov’s new name actually Yisrael?

12/1/2016- Should Yaakov Have tricked Yitzchack? 

9/22/16- What does “raise the Torah” mean?


9/15/2016- Why do we not prolong the hanging of criminals?


In this class, we discussed the various opinions of why we do not prolong the hanging of criminal. The interpretations are based on the different phrases in the verses of Devarim 21:21-23.